We've been getting really into Snapchat lately.

We're playing disappearing bits of the album all the time, new songs we're writing, etc, along with the usual pretty colors and shapes. We've been told we're pretty okay at it, you should be our friend. Take a photo or screenshot of our ghost code and find us on Snapchat.



Corbu Ringtones are now a thing

And for no real reason:

We're going to start posting 3 to 8-second compositions as ringtones and text alerts. We have iPhones, so iOS ringtones are all we know how to make for the moment. 

For me, the fun thing about this is that most of these don't even come from our songs; they're just little bits of music/sound we're making for this one purpose. 

The first two are up now on the Ringtones page.


First shows of 2016

Hey everyone. Big year ahead.

We're playing a few dates in New York this month, taking the wrapping paper off a completely new live show. Only songs from the album.

SCARY. We've been in a cave for a year and we're just now coming out. Come yell at us, please.

Full details on the shows page.